'Dropping lawsuits because he's running is ridiculous!': Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel on Trump's presidential bid

16 November 2022, 15:49 | Updated: 16 November 2022, 16:47

James O'Brien discusses Trump's Presidential bid with Maitlis and Sopel

Melissa Fleur Afshar

By Melissa Fleur Afshar

The News Agents' Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel appeared on LBC to dissect the significance of Donald Trump's 2024 presidential bid.

The pair who host the Global podcast, The News Agents, joined James O'Brien to dissect the significance and weight of Donald Trump's 2024 presidential bid, which is widely believed to be his last shot at national leadership.

"There is a lot of legal jeopardy that Donald Trump is facing right now," Jon Sopel began.

"It's not just the normal ritz that are flying, this is the Department of Justice potentially taking him to court."

The US political affairs expert was joined by his podcast co-host and long-term colleague, Emily Maitlis.

The journalists both agreed that the US Attorney General could take the former President to court, but took opposing positions within the argument.

"When he was facing impeachment his own supporters were saying that this is not the time nor place," Emily Maitlis argued.

"[They would say that] there are courts of law that can settle this, this is not the place, this can all be settled outside - and now it is!"

Emily shared that she finds it "ridiculous" that the multiple lawsuits stacked against Donald Trump could be dropped purely because he has announced his bid to run as President.

"He is facing what, four, five different legal suits!" Emily exclaimed.

"Actually, the idea that you can just say 'I'm running [for office]' and everything gets dropped is ridiculous!"

Before being cut off by James O'Brien, Emily Maitlis had begun to say: "I mean, I think you couldn't as the Attorney General stand there and..."

Jon Sopel then offered up his own analysis of Trump's ability to emerge from scandals and lawsuits relatively unscathed and able to run for office.

Jon shared with LBC that the possible brushing under the carpet of Trump's lawsuits is to be expected.

"I think that an Attorney General would be incredibly bold to decide to take action against someone who is running to be the next President."

The veteran broadcaster went on to argue that while the idea that everyone is equal before the law is great in principle, it's not always how events unfold.

"You would have to take into account the political calculation of launching a legal case against an ex-President and someone who is running to be President again," Jon said.

"[However] the idea that the Department of Justice and the Attorney General are immune from what the consequences of that would be is for the birds."

The discussion came about after the co-hosts raised that Donald Trump had announced his presidential bid in a much more muted and reserved tone than that which the public typically associates with him.

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Emily Maitlis' take on Trump's announcement to run in 2024

"The reason why Trump has just gone, 'oh I had said [that I would run again] so I have got to do it', is because he doesn't want to look weak, he can still raise a lot of money, he can be the centre of attention which is Donald Trump's favourite place to be, and thirdly because he is facing a lot of legal jeopardies right now."

It's this precarious legal situation - whether it will be dropped or not - that has impacted Trump's confidence, the pair believe.

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