Stanley Johnson blasts Government over sewage pumped into UK waterways

21 August 2022, 20:25

"I would say we have to blame the Government!"

By James Bickerton

Environmental campaigner and former MEP Stanley Johnson has blasted the Government over the dramatic increase in sewage being pumped into UK waterways.

This week the Environment Agency warned Britons to avoid the water at dozens of beaches across the country, due to the presence of sewage.

Speaking to Rachel Johnson on her LBC show Stanley said: "I would say we have to blame the Government for not pressing this matter hard as it should have done."

He linked the increase in UK waterway sewage with Brexit saying "Britain was known as the dirty man of Europe" before joining the European Economic Community, now the EU, in 1973.

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Stanley Johnson links Brexit and raw sewage

Stanley said European regulations, which he was involved in writing, had transformed the quality of bathing water around the whole of Europe", adding the UK "really did get a cleanup".

He warned Britain faces a "very very dangerous and difficult situation" as the "EU push" used to ensure the country met certain environmental standards.

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