Taylormania has taken over London - why is everyone so obsessed with Taylor Swift?

24 June 2024, 08:44

Taylor Swift performs at Wembley Stadium on June 21
Taylor Swift performs at Wembley Stadium on June 21. Picture: getty
Johnny Jenkins

By Johnny Jenkins

If you spent any time in London this weekend, you’d think there was a royal visit underway. There was - pop Queen Taylor Swift is in town!

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Taylor Swift’s 152-show Eras tour arrived in London this weekend. I knew it was going to be big - I didn’t realise it would be this massive!

The stairway to the iconic Wembley stadium was painted with a mural to the pop star, a new tube map was created consisting of her song titles and there’s sequins everywhere you look.

It’s the hottest ticket in town. Everybody I know falls into one of two camps: either they’re at the concert or they wish they were.

I fall into the latter - I wasn’t able to get tickets to the mega-gig, but I’m reliably informed that Swift put on a phenomenal show.

If, like me, you weren’t able to get tickets this weekend, worry not - Swift returns for four more shows in August. But you’ll have to stump up some serious cash to buy a resale ticket.

The show itself is lengthy, lasting three hours. Taylor performs 46 songs from 10 different albums. I commend anybody who knows the lyrics to all those tracks!

Despite lasting the duration of two films, she’s able to keep your attention with dancing, pyrotechnics and some surprise songs.

I first realised the scale of Swiftmania when she visited Edinburgh earlier this month. Thousands of Scots were queuing in the early hours - determined to get the best standing spot in the house.

It’s been the same story at Wembley this weekend - with people taking time off work to join the line as early as possible.

I’ve even heard of some fans refusing to drink water in the blistering sunshine, so they won’t need to go to the toilet and lose their spot.

Once you get into the stadium, the merchandise is popular (and pricey). You’re even able to buy the t-shirts and tote bags in certain central London spots in the days before the performance.

Fans are spending an average of £40 on merch and I’ve already spotted a few Eras Tour t-shirts worn by proud Swifties.

The pop sensation is having a sizable impact on the economy. The seven leg London tour is estimated to bring £300 million to the capital’s economy - this includes everything from ticket sales to hotel rooms to people purchasing sparkling new outfits.

If you can’t afford to take part at the stadium, you can even stream a previous performance of the gig online. Say what you like about Taylor, but she’s an entrepreneur - that’s for sure.

Social media is full of photos of smug Swifties - proudly showing off their prime spot in the arena.

Attendees include Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, Prince William and broadcaster Piers Morgan - I’ve never seen the nation so united! It’s no wonder American presidential candidates are desperate for her endorsement.

Anybody with the power to unite the whole country must be protected. Swift is an inspiration to youngsters around the world - especially teenage girls.

Taylor Swift’s talent needs to be celebrated - and any political party would be lucky to have her backing.