Boris Johnson dodges question at PMQs on whether he should 'call it a day'

24 November 2021, 12:50 | Updated: 24 November 2021, 13:40

'Why is the PM clinging on when he isn't up to the job?'

By Emma Soteriou

Prime Minister Boris Johnson dodged a question at PMQs today on whether he has thought about his role amid ongoing criticism over a series of "missteps" in government.

SNP MP Ian Blackford confronted Mr Johnson during Prime Minister's Questions, saying he was "floundering in failure" as his leadership faces mounting criticism.

Mr Blackford said: "The past few weeks have shown this Tory Government at its very worst.

"A Tory sleaze and corruption scandal on a scale not seen since the 1990s, Tory cuts and tax rises that will leave millions of people worse off, a litany of broken promises from HS2 to carbon capture, social care, the triple lock on pensions, and who can possibly forget the £20 billion bridge to Ireland evaporated into thin air."

He asked the PM if he would consider "calling it a day before he is pushed out the door", to which Mr Johnson instead suggested talking less about politics and more about what the Government can do for the people of Scotland.

Mr Blackford later asked: "Why is the PM clinging on when he isn't up to the job?"

The Prime Minister snapped back that the Scottish National Government had to deal with their own problems as they were "falling in the polls".

He added: "Considering their manifold failures on tax, on education, on all the things the people of Scotland really care about, I'm not surprised."

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PM dodges Ian Blackford's question at PMQs

It came after Mr Johnson's key opposition - Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer - also called for him to answer to speculation about him stepping down.

He said the only thing the Prime Minister was delivering was "high taxes, high prices and low growth".

Sir Keir drew attention to reports that backbenchers found the leader "embarrassing", with Chancellor Rishi Sunak "getting worried".

The Labour leader told MPs the Prime Minister's "routine is falling flat".

Keir Starmer's 'are you OK' jibe at Boris Johnson

However, Mr Johnson attempted to change the subject, saying: "I’ll tell you what’s not working, it’s that line of attack."

Mr Johnson's chaotic speech at the Confederation of British Industry did not help his cause going into the latest Prime Minister's questions, after losing his place and referencing Peppa Pig World.

There have also been reports that several Tory MPs – including one whip – have submitted letters of no confidence against him as problems continue to grow.