Watch in Full: London Mayoral Debate | Sadiq Khan vs. Shaun Bailey

25 April 2021, 12:32 | Updated: 28 April 2021, 14:54

LBC London Mayoral Debate | Watch in full

By Seán Hickey

You can watch LBC's London Mayoral debate between Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey in full here.

In a wide ranging debate, voters learned a lot about the Labour and Conservative candidates for Mayor of London in LBC's Mayoral election debate.

Both Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey confirmed that they would renew Dame Cressida Dick's contract as Met Police Commissioner.

The two candidates locked horns over London's policing strategy, with things getting particularly heated over the police handling of the Sarah Everard vigil in Clapham Common.

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Tom asked both candidates whether they get on in ordinary times, with an interesting conversation ensuing.

Shaun Bailey and Sadiq Khan clashed over how to make London greener with attention being focussed on the transport network.

Watch the full debate at the top of the page.