Which political party matches your views? The LBC Election Computer will tell you

6 December 2019, 14:19 | Updated: 6 December 2019, 14:24

The LBC Election computer
The LBC Election computer. Picture: Getty

Which party's views most closely match your own? Answer these short questions to find out.

Based on the 2019 manifestos, you simply choose which statement you agree with most and it tells you which party you have agreed with the most.

It features the five parties currently polling the highest - Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Brexit Party and Green Party.

Come back to LBC on Thursday night to see how your party does in the General Election.

LBC has announced our most-extensive election night coverage ever - with a simulcast of our radio programme in HD video on LBC.co.uk, on Global Player and on social media.

General Election 2019: Key details about the parties

Leader: Boris Johnson
Slogan: Get Brexit Done. Unleash Britain's Potential.
Current seats: 298

Leader: Jeremy Corbyn
Slogan: It's time for real change
Current seats: 243

Liberal Democrats
Leader: Jo Swinson
Slogan: Stop Brexit Build a Brighter Future
Current seats: 21

Brexit Party
Leader: Nigel Farage
Slogan: We are ready
Current seats: 0

Green Party
Leader: Siân Berry and Jonathan Bartley
Slogan: Fighting for Climate Action. If not now, when?
Current seats: