Britain’s Next Prime Minister: Hunt v Johnson - Watch Live Here

9 July 2019, 10:28 | Updated: 9 July 2019, 20:10

Britain’s Next Prime Minister: The ITV Debate Live - LBC

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson will go head-to-head for the only time during the Conservative Leadership contest - watch it live right here.

Britain's Next Prime Minister: The ITV Debate - From 8pm tonight

The two candidates will face each other in the ITV debate as they answer questions on Brexit, foreign policy and anything else the audience want to ask them.

Iain Dale will bring you the LBC listener's reactions following the debate.

The latest opinion polls give Boris Johnson a commanding lead, but performances in this debate will go a long way to helping Conservative members decide who to vote for.

You can hear the whole thing live on LBC from 8pm - or watch it live on this page.

From 9pm you can watch expert reaction with Iain Dale - right here.