What Is Anti-Semitism? Four Ways To Check If You're Prejudiced

26 March 2018, 15:28 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:53

After Jeremy Corbyn was accused of anti-Semitism, this is the test to check whether you are prejudiced against Jewish people.

The Labour leader posted his support for a offensive mural which was marked for removal by a London council in 2012.

He has since apologised and admitted the Labour Party has a problem with "pockets of anti-Semitism". But accusations of anti-Semitism in the party has been denied by some campaigners.

The Anti-Semitic Mural
The Anti-Semitic Mural. Picture: Mear One

Comedian David Schneider wrote a four-step guide to checking whether you're anti-Semitic - and admitted that many people on the left fail, especially on numbers three and four.

He wrote: "I had a go at putting a test together for anti-semitism. Too often I see people on the left fail at 3 and 4. It’s depressing."

The test reads:

1) Do you accept that millions of Jews perished in the Holocaust. [YES]

2) Do you think that Jews exercise undue influence on organisations/the government/the media/finance/your life? [NO]

3) Do you treat anti-semitism in exactly the same way as hatred and prejudice against any other group, condemning it outright without any qualifying comment about, for instance, the suffering of other groups [YES]

4) Did you manage to answer 1-3 without moving on to Israel/Palestine? [YES]

Earlier today, James O'Brien spoke to some callers who fell foul of these rules. Chloe here clearly failed rule 2.