Which universities have Covid-19 outbreaks and where are students isolating?

28 September 2020, 14:31 | Updated: 28 September 2020, 15:26

UK universities including Manchester Metropolitan University have asked students to self-isolate
UK universities including Manchester Metropolitan University have asked students to self-isolate. Picture: Getty

By Maddie Goodfellow

Across the UK, around 3,000 students are in lockdown at universities from Dundee to Exeter. But which universities have had Covid-19 outbreaks and which institutions are asking students to self-isolate?

More than 500 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed across at least 30 UK universities as students move across the country to start the new academic year.

Here are all the universities in England, Scotland and Wales that have asked students to isolate or have confirmed Covid-19 cases.

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Manchester students unable to leave halls

Which UK universities are locking down?

Manchester Metropolitan University

1,700 students are currently self-isolating for two weeks following an outbreak of Covid-19.

On Friday night, the university said at least 127 coronavirus cases had been confirmed amongst students. It comes just days after reports of a 100-strong party in a courtyard at MMU halls.

Students at Birley campus and Cambridge Hallwere have been told to self isolate "with immediate effect".

Glasgow University

Outbreaks in university accommodation in Scotland left hundreds forced into quarantine at Glasgow University.

Glasgow University currently has 172 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

More than 170 students are now self-isolating in Glasgow's Murano Street halls alone, along with hundreds of others across the city.

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Glasgow Caledonian University

Two coronavirus cases have been confirmed among students at Glasgow Caledonian University's student halls.

A total of 18 students are currently self-isolating

Edinburgh University

An entire block at Holland House accommodation in Edinburgh has been "locked down" after a student tested positive for Covid-19.

University of Dundee

The university has told 500 students to self-isolate due to an outbreak in halls of residence.

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Which UK universities have had Covid-19 outbreaks?

- St Andrews: 21 cases

- Abertay University in Dundee: 46 cases

- Liverpool University: 90 cases

- Edinburgh Napier: 120 cases

- Bath University: Official number not disclosed but described as a "very small number"

- Oxford Brookes: 30 cases

- Stirling University: Three cases

- Leeds University: Six cases

- Exeter University: 34 cases (including Cornwall campus)

- University of the West of England: One case

- Warwick University: One case

- Essex University: Official number not disclosed but described as a "small number"

- Aberdeen University: Official number not disclosed but described as a "small number"

- Queen Margaret University: Official number not disclosed but "some" positive cases

- Kent University: Two cases

- Leicester University: Two cases

- De Montford University: Two cases

- Newcastle University and Northumbria University: 62 between the two universities

- Aberystwyth University: Two cases

- Swansea University: 12 cases

- Durham University: "A small number of internal cases"

- Hull University: One case

- Portsmouth university: 13 cases