Trump Author Michael Wolff Walks Out Of Interview After Claiming Not To Hear Tough Question

27 February 2018, 10:24

The author of the controversial Donald Trump biography walked out of a difficult interview, claiming that he couldn't hear a tricky question.

Michael Wolff was speaking to Ben Fordham from The Today Show on Australia's Channel 9 about the publication of his book Fire And Fury.

He was asked whether he should apologise to the President for saying he was having an affair and then backing down on the claim.

As Mr Fordham asked the question, Mr Wolff squirmed in his seat and then told a producer that he couldn't hear the question. However, when he was asked if he could hear, he responded "No, I'm not getting anything."

He then takes his earpiece out, saying, "I'm not hearing anything."

Michael Wolff fiddles with his earpiece
Michael Wolff fiddles with his earpiece. Picture: Channel 9

Mr Fordham later released the video at the top of the page, showing what Mr Wolff was actually hearing during the awkward interview.

Judge for yourself whether he could actually hear the question.