Axe-Wielding Thugs Hack Driver Nine Times During Horror Attack

2 August 2017, 17:39

Three masked men have been caught on camera repeatedly hacking at a car driver with an axe during a horrific attack.

-Warning the video above contains distressing content-

The brutal video, allegedly filmed in Birmingham, shows one thug violently land blow after blow with the weapon whilst another relentlessly punches him.

The shocking attack was caught on camera.
Picture: News Dog Media

The victim can be seen pleading with the perpetrators to stop in what has been been described online as a “revenge axe attack”.

It’s not clear whether the grim event takes place on a public road, but the video is filmed by an opposite motorist.

The shocking footage was first published online on Monday but the identities of the individuals are not yet known.

After being circulated on social media, the clip has been view over 500,000 times with viewers quick to condemn the violence.

One comment read: “Hard to fathom the barbarism”.

A second added: “This is awful no remorse”.