There Should Be More Anger About The "Intolerable" Ethnic Pay Gap, Says Afua Hirsch

27 December 2018, 17:05

There was lots of fury about the gender pay gap earlier this year, says Afua Hirsch. So why aren't people as angry about the racial pay gap?

A new report revealed that Black, Asian and minority ethnic people lose out on £3.2billion every year compared to white colleagues.

The analysis suggested black, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi employees earn less than white colleagues for doing the same work.

Speaking on LBC, Afua labelled it intolerable that she may get paid less than a white person of the same level and demanded the same level of outrage the gender pay gap received.

Afua Hirsch in the LBC studio
Afua Hirsch in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

She said: "I am a fully signed-up feminist who absolutely supports the scrutiny we rightly have on the gender pay gap. That needs to change.

"My issue is the fact that the ethnic pay gap blows gender pay out of the water. It is so much more extreme and so much more unfair.

"And yet, I don't see the column inches, I don't see the TV shows dominated by soul-searching on the subject. It feels to me like a situation which we just seem happy to live with.

"Why are we so relaxed with the fact that in 2018, we live in Britain in a society where the colour of your skin or your ethnic background or your faith can determine so much about the outcome of your life."