'How many cars do you have?': Andrew Castle caller challenges people on £30K needing foodbanks

11 February 2023, 12:58

Caller supports Lee Anderson's food bank comments

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

This caller told Andrew Castle that he had questions for people on £30,000 to £40,000 a year needing food banks.

After Lee Anderson used his own staffer to show it was possible to live in London on £30,000 and not need food banks, this caller expressed his agreement, adding the state pension is much less than that and yet pensioners are not going on strike for a pay rise.

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Keith told Andrew Castle: "Food banks - if people on £30,000 or £40,000..these firefighters whatever their occupation...sorry but should there be queues of pensioners who are on £10,000 £12,000 state pension a year all be queuing up for food?"

"So state pension is £9,600 a year isn't it?" Andrew said, correcting him.

Keith replied: "Yeah, so, they have to manage on what they get and they don't go on strike for a pay rise!"

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"What I'd like to ask these people on £30,000...how many cars have you got in your drive? How many phones do you...have much do you spend on takeaway meals?" he continued.

Andrew replied: "So what Lee Anderson said, just to remind people Keith, is that I would challenge anyone earning £30K to £35K needing to use a food bank - "

"Yeah - so would I!" the caller interjected.

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"Not a popular thing to say and not a thing you hear too often", Andrew continued.

"It's because it's upset the lefty tree-hugging bleeding heart brigade that's why!" Keith replied.

The Tory deputy chairman also supports the death penalty, sparking controversy over his opinions.

The call generated a discussion on Twitter.