Irate Caller Argues With Andrew Castle's Guest Will Dry

31 August 2019, 09:59

Pro-Remain Our Future Our Choice co-founder Will Dry angered Steve from Stowmarket who called in to say the UK had already made its choice to leave the EU.

Andrew Castle opened up the phone to one of the founders of the pro-Remain group and first caller Steve was furious with "lefties" trying to put a stop to Brexit.

Steve spoke with Will Dry, who voted to leave the European Union, but is now campaigning to remain and will be protesting outside Downing Street at midday.

The Our Future Our Choice co-founder said he wanted to send a message to Boris Johnson and all MPs that prorogation is unacceptable, citing that the PM had only been voted into office by a tiny minority of voters.

The Our Future Our Choice campaign wishes to remain in the EU
The Our Future Our Choice campaign wishes to remain in the EU. Picture: PA

Mr Dry claimed that MPs were being prevented from having enough time to debate Brexit prior to the UK leaving on 31 October.

But when Steve from Stowmarket spoke to the protester he could barely contain his fury.

He said: "How can I put this without swearing on the radio on a Saturday morning?

"I voted to leave purely because they need us more than we need them, okay? We are one of the smallest countries in the EU, with the biggest money that we put in.

"We don't get much out of this. Why do all these people that come to our country that come from far, far East and come to this country where we are the far West, with all the countries that they could go through and stay.

"We voted to Leave, three years ago."

Steve from Stowmarket was furious with those campaigning to Remain
Steve from Stowmarket was furious with those campaigning to Remain. Picture: PA

Steve's anger was a response to the Our Future Our Choice campaigner who said that a no-deal Brexit was not a true reflection of what Leave voters voted for back in 2016.

He said: "They made a promise that we would be able to get a great deal with Europe. They've failed to deliver on that promise. They've totally failed to deliver on the promise that we could do this in a quick way with a good outcome for our country.

"And given the promises that they've made and failed to keep I think it's totally right that people are allowed to come back into this process via any democratic means."