Fabricant: Boris Johnson should stay 'for good' despite partygate

15 January 2022, 10:34 | Updated: 16 January 2022, 09:01

Michael Fabricant insists that Boris Johnson should remain 'for good'

By Seán Hickey

This Tory MP insists the PM should stay in Downing Street 'probably for good' despite public outcry over partygate.

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Five Conservative MPs have called for Boris Johnson to resign as fallout from the partygate scandal rages on.

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Andrew Castle spoke to Tory MP Michael Fabricant, who has publicly defended alleged parties at Downing Street, and asked if he would add his name to the list of dissenters.

"I think he should stay for the time being and I think he should probably stay for good", Mr Fabricant declared.

He pointed out that there are over 300 Conservatives in the House of Commons: "Five out of 360 is not a huge amount."

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Andrew Castle quizzes Tory MP Michael Fabricant

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The MP added that his constituents have told him to stand by the PM, and suggested there is a "witch-hunt" being orchestrated against Mr Johnson.

"They shouldn't have had these parties, they should lead by example, no question about that", he clarified, but reiterated his support for Boris Johnson.

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Andrew pointed out that the Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association has withdrawn support for the PM, but Mr Fabricant dismissed this as an "outlier".

He added that the MP for Sutton Coldfield, Andrew Mitchell has always been "very critical" of the PM and thus the result is not a surprise.