Anti-Vaxxers Have "Blood On Their Hands" Matt Hancock Says

17 May 2019, 19:31

Health Secretary Matt Hanock said people who spread lies about vaccinations have "got blood on their hands."

There is no reason to have measles in the "modern world," Mr Hancock told LBC listeners.

The Health Secretary said vaccinations are "safe," and that they are the "right thing to do."

Mr Hancock said that vaccinations were "the right thing" for society and individuals.

These diseases are horrible and we should "be able to get ahead of them" the Tory frontbencher said.

Mr Hancock revealed to his children are vaccinated.

Previously on LBC the Secretary of State for Health told Nick Ferrari that he planned to ask social-media companies to take action on anti-vaccination content. 

Figures released in May showed that more than half a million UK children were unvaccinated against measles from 2010-2017.