Callers Going Head-To-Head On Drug Taxation Agree On This One Point

9 June 2018, 10:26 | Updated: 9 June 2018, 10:27

Two callers going head-to-head about legalising some drugs and introducing taxation managed to agree on one point about alcohol.

Two callers who had differentiating opinions on whether the UK should legalise some drugs ended up agreeing on the same point about how alcohol is treated.

Ash told Andrew Pierce that there were "no safe places" to take drugs, and that the UK has a problem with "drugs glamorisation".

He said: "If you abuse any drug, it's going to have a toll on your personality, your mental state."

Jawed disagreed, believing that "safe places are possible".

But the pair managed to agree on one point.

Jawed said that he thinks "anyone would be under a false impression to not realise alcohol is also a drug."

"And we live in a society where it's very acceptable to do that, and to drink.

"Society is growing around drinking alcohol.

"How many deaths are alcohol related every year? Why is that acceptable, because we tax it?"