I will not sell my book in Russia, author Jeffrey Archer tells LBC

5 March 2022, 19:11

I will not sell my book in Russia, author Jeffrey Archer tells LBC
I will not sell my book in Russia, author Jeffrey Archer tells LBC. Picture: LBC/Alamy

By Tim Dodd

One of the world's bestselling authors Jeffrey Archer tells LBC he has decided to not sell his latest book 'Over My Dead Body' in Russia because of their invasion of Ukraine.

It comes as the evacuation of Mariupol has been postponed after Russia failed to observe its five-hour ceasefire, 'bombing civilians' as they tried to make their escape.

In a security update this afternoon, the Ministry of Defence said the proposed ceasefire was likely an attempt to reset troops for a new offense.

Andrew Pierce asked Mr Archer, who was also the former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party: "Was it a difficult decision to take?"

Mr Archer replied: "Well not really, everybody seems to be playing their part, from way down at my low level right the way up to BP and Shell sacrificing billions.

"So when my publishers rang and said 'we've just finished the translation, we've finished the audio, we're about to go in two weeks' time', I thought the only thing one could do is say 'cancel it, I'm not interested'."

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Andrew asked: "Is it fair to penalise book-looking Russians?"

"No it isn't," Mr Archer replied.

"I've been to Russia many times, they are thoroughly decent people and I've liked them. Their leadership is venal and evil, not the people. But taking this seriously Andrew, one's got to make a stand.

"There wasn't any doubt in my mind that if you made exceptions, that would suit [Putin] ideally. We've got to let him know at every single level from the highest, way the way down to me, that it matters.

"So if there are some of my fans in Russia who pick this up, all the better!"

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