Baroness Bakewell nails why the government hasn't dealt with social care

26 December 2019, 08:49

Joan Bakewell told LBC the exact reason that successive governments have failed to deal with the issue of social care.

The Labour peer was speaking to Ruth Davidson has part of LBC's Christmas Special An Inconvenient Ruth.

As they discussed aging, Baroness Bakewell said: "Being old and getting older in society is a real problem because society is run largely by young-ish to middle-aged people.

"Also people get tired as they get older and want to do less, so they very often have less to bring to the table, as it were.

"So how society treats the old has never been addressed as a serious, universal problem.

"There are so many of us and so many problems and there is no social policy addressing it as a universal issue."

Baroness Bakewell: "How society treats the old has never been addressed"
Baroness Bakewell: "How society treats the old has never been addressed". Picture: LBC

Baroness Bakewell argued that there is no "coherent analysis" of what we should do about the old.

She spoke of how Harriet Harman asked if she would become a sort of spokesperson for old people when working on an equalities brief.

You can hear the full interview tonight (Thursday 26th December) on LBC from 9pm.

Or you can watch the full interview here.