David Lammy's Impassioned Plea For Labour To "Get A Grip" Over Anti-Semitism

1 June 2019, 10:41 | Updated: 2 June 2019, 14:06

The Labour MP made a powerful plea for his party to "get a grip" on the ongoing row over anti-Semitism.

David Lammy called on the Labour Party to take a stance on Brexit, saying that a political party can not 'ride two horses at the same time'.

Speaking on LBC, the Labour MP for Tottenham described the ongoing row over anti-Semitism within the party "feels like a low moment", saying that members who make 'vile anti-Semitic tropes' should 'of course' be expelled.

"What happens to a political party when members of the NEC are putting around the most vile anti-Semitic tropes about Mossad agents in the party, about being controlled by Israel?" he said.

"I've heard these tropes for all of my life, it's ugly and of course you should be expelled from the Labour Party."

His comments come off the back of the suspension of a senior Labour Party official after a recording of him making a series of anti-Jewish claims was exclusively revealed by LBC.

- EXCLUSIVE: Senior Labour Figure Suspended For Saying Israeli Embassy Is Behind Anti-Semitism

Labour MP David Lammy in the LBC studio
Labour MP David Lammy in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

On his party's stance on whether or not to back Remaining in the European Union during the European Election campaign, Mr Lammy said: "What happens if you have a political party that attempts to ride two horses at the same time in a major national election?

"What happens if you stand in the middle of the road? You get run over!

"And that is what's happened, and that is why we have been reduced in the European Elections last week to our worst results since 1910."

But the Labour MP argued that choosing between sides on Brexit was not the only issue the party needed to deal with, calling on the leadership to "get a grip" on anti-Semitism, calling the row a "low moment" for the paert.

"When are we going to get a grip on the issue of anti-Semitism?

"It feels like a low moment.

"I want my party back thank you very much.

"I want my party to dig deep and stand up for working people and actually win a general election."

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