Furious caller brands PM 'bumbling fool' for Covid-19 response

5 December 2020, 17:32

By Seán Hickey

This caller insisted Boris Johnson is ruining the British economy, and his position should be challenged.

"This bumbling old fool that's running our economy has trashed everything," insisted caller Phillip, who claimed that Boris Johnson's poor coronavirus response has ruined the economy.

He tlod David Lammy the Prime Minister should "stop dictating what can be closed and what can't be,"

"Why should people's pleasure be ruined because of this bumbling old fool," the caller asked David Lammy, insisting that Mr Johnson should be challenged as leader of the Conservatives.

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"Get this bumbling old fool out and let's have a leadership challenge and get someone who knows what they're doing."

"This old fool is ruining our economy," he said.

The caller reminded David that Boris Johnson "didn't get an 80% majority, he got it with the help of the Brexit party," and we should remember this when cases for the PM's popularity are made.

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