Caller Was "Ostracised" At Work Because She Voted To Remain In EU

23 December 2018, 18:43 | Updated: 23 December 2018, 18:55

Sarah said she is depressed after she fell out with colleagues over Brexit.

A caller has told Ian Payne that she stopped trusting her colleagues at work after they fell out during over the EU Referendum.

Sarah now works from home two days a week and feels depressed about the situation.

Ian Payne
Ian Payne. Picture: LBC

Sarah said: "I was ticking along nicely with quite a few work colleagues for the past 7 or 8 years until the Brexit vote.

"About 80% of the office voted Out and I felt like I was penalised and ostracised for my opinion to stay In.

"I went from being quite good friends with a few people to not trusting them at all."