Ian Payne Slates Sadiq Khan Who Should "Stick To Governing London"

1 September 2019, 16:28

After Sadiq Khan mentioned Nazi Germany in the same speech as Boris Johnson, Ian Payne urged caution, and pointed out Mr Kahn should "stick to governing London".

The Mayor of London has said on a visit to Poland that we are at risk of forgetting the lessons learned from the horrors of the 20th Century.

He called Donald Trump “the global poster boy for white nationalism”, and talked about the influence of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson on British politics.

Ian felt it necessary that sometimes, it would simply be better if Mr Khan could focus on his brief in London, rather than world-wide.

"You can't even begin to compare what was happening with National Socialism and what's happening with the Brexit Party or the Tory Party."

The Mayor can often act like "the leader of the opposition", going further than his elected duties.

"To start saying 'we must act now or we'll have another Nazi Germany on our hands is ridiculous."