'Absolute bloody travesty': Ex-Donald Trump aide slams 'un-American' case against former President

5 April 2023, 08:27 | Updated: 5 April 2023, 08:42

'It's a travesty': Ex-Trump assistant supports him as former President denies charges
'It's a travesty', says Sebastian Gorka. Picture: LBC/Alamy

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser Sebastian Gorka firmly backed him today, saying this is an example of "political persecution".

Ian Payne had started by asking him what he made of the events of the last week, he said: "I'm saddened, it's an absolute bloody travesty."

He added: "What he has been accused of is poorly filed business expenses. This is just another example of political persecution and trying to stop a leader of the opposition from being the President again."

Mr Gorka explained that these accusations are a misdemeanor with a statute of limitations of 24 months and not a felony - and as "these events occurred seven years ago...they're five years out of date".

The America First podcast host added that the District Attorney [DA] said "these misstatements were done to hide a crime", but "nothing in the indictment actually details what that crime was".

He said that when a journalist asked the "oppressor from the DA today" why the details of the "crime" weren't stated, the "arrogant political puppet said, 'Because I don't have to'" - a response which Mr Gorka branded "un-American" and the reason "why this case will collapse here".

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"Do you deny that Donald Trump had affairs with several women ahead of the 2016 election and paid hush money?" Ian asked.

"I don't answer purely into churlish questions", Trump's former deputy assistant answered, adding: "I don't have any knowledge of anybody's sex life, and I wouldn't share it with you if I did".

He also said that it was not hush money, but rather an NDA, saying that he signed one with the former President and that it was "a very common practice".

"Maybe you should ask his former lawyer who by the way is a convicted perjurer, so take that up with Michael Cohen", the Trump supporter added.

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Mr Gorka said he thinks Donald Trump will be the next President, noting that he is "doing very well" having raised $8m after this "absolute outrage" occurred in the last 72 hours.

He felt Russia's invasion of Ukraine would not have happened if Trump were in power.

"It's really weird that Putin took Crimea when Obama the Democrat was President. Putin did nothing when we were in the White House for four years, and then when we leave the White House and that doddering old git Biden is there, he invades Ukraine again. Isn't that telling Ian?" he said.

The Trump supporter also maintains that the 2020 election was rigged "without a doubt".

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