'I don't want to be inspiring, I want to be alive', says Ukrainian MP

5 March 2022, 08:01 | Updated: 5 March 2022, 12:42

Ukrainian MP hits out at NATO inaction on Russian invasion

By Seán Hickey

Ukrainians feel like they have been 'betrayed by the West' as Putin's troops continue their invasion of the country, this parliamentarian tells LBC.

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Inna Sovsun is a Ukrainian MP and she spoke to LBC as the Russian invasion of her home enters its second week. She hit out at NATO for standing by while Vladimir Putin's troops attack Ukrainian towns and cities indiscriminately.

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"What the West is doing is no much not enough.

"It does feel like we are left alone in this and we're betrayed by the West right now with our children being killed", Ms Sovsun told Ian Payne.

She pointed to the Budapest Memorandum, which de-armed Ukraine with the assurance of protection against foreign invasion any time in the future.

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John Sweeney reports from the ground in Kyiv

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Despite the conditions of that agreement, Ukraine's former Education Minister accused the West of creating excuses of why they cannot come to her country's assistance.

Ian paraphrased the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who praised Ukraine and suggested they may even defeat Russia in it's invasion.

"I don't want to be inspiring, I want to be alive", Ms Sovsun insisted, telling Ian that if NATO isn't willing to put troops in Ukrainian territory, they should provide the Ukrainian military with more equipment.

"We do need more support from the West."