Blue Passports Could Return And Katie Hopkins Is Ecstatic

2 April 2017, 12:10 | Updated: 2 April 2017, 12:45

When Katie Hopkins heard blue passports could return after Brexit, she was unable to wipe the smile off her face.

The Government has put a contract out for tender for the “design, production and personalisation of the UK passport” after 2019.

At a cost of £500m, Katie claims it's worth the price tag to get rid of the "maroon nastiness" Brits currently have to put up with. 

Speaking on her LBC show, she lauded: "I will now get a blue passport back and I tell you, will I have it out and about? Yes.

"Will I pat little members of the EU on the head with it as I go past them as they queue to get into my great country? Yes I will ladies and gentlemen.

"Will I slap the bottom of a Frenchman who seems to be standing in my way as he's trying to get into my great country? Yes I will."

Watch Katie's epic reaction in full above.