Caller's Refreshing Take On Divorce

8 January 2017, 16:48

Lucy Beresford On Divorce

Shereen from Clapham phoned Lucy Beresford to offer her refreshingly positive take on divorce.

On LBC's Sex and Relationships show Shereen told Lucy she is happier than ever now she is divorced, but she doesn't regret getting married. 

The caller said she would never get back with her partner, and that many people see that as a negative thing.

She said: "People would say "oh I'm so sorry" and I would say "why are you so sorry? I was unhappy, this is happiness"." 

Shereen said that she feels people label divorcees, and she's marked "with a big X". 

The mother went on: "But it's not, it's an experience. I've experienced marriage, I've experienced divorce."

The up-beat caller continued: "You can probably hear it in my voice, I'm just so excited by it...but the thing is I don't advocate it to people. 

"I have got friends that are in not great marriages, but I think they're workable and they have children in them, and I never say 'oh that's your first option'.

"I always say do every single thing you can, because if you decide to walk out, you don't want to think 'what if?'

"I do think people should work hard at marriages. I took my marriage very seriously, I invested a lot into it and I probably stayed in it [longer than I should] because I invested so much."