Nicky Morgan: Prospect Of No Brexit Should Prompt MPs To Back May's Deal

26 January 2019, 12:09

Nicky Morgan told LBC that the prospect of no Brexit is "concentrating minds" for MPs to support an exit deal.

Matt Frei put to the Tory MP that "project fear" is frightening MPs to vote for the deal because not doing so could result in no Brexit.

But Ms Morgan said that while she would not use those words, she agreed that it is "concentrating minds".

"It's definitely concentrating minds which if they can't support an agreement or a Brexit then you get more talk - even Andrea Leadsom talking about potentially Article 50 having to be extended," she said.

"And for a minister to talk like that, it opens that pandora's box in a way that many of those in favour of Brexit would not want to see."

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan
Conservative MP Nicky Morgan. Picture: Getty

Her comments come after the Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom said that Brexit could be delayed by a "couple of extra weeks" in order for crucial legislation to pass.

Ms Leadsom said: "We can get the legislation through. And in particular I think we do, in spite of everything, have a very strong relationship with our EU friends and neighbours and I'm absolutely certain that if we needed a couple of extra weeks or something, that that would be feasible."