I abhor the Covid parties but will stay loyal to Boris, Tory MP says

15 January 2022, 13:03 | Updated: 16 January 2022, 09:01

Colonel Bob Stewart: 'I remain loyal to the leader'

By Seán Hickey

Senior Conservative MP Colonel Bob Stewart tells LBC he 'abhors' the partygate scandal, but will remain 'loyal' to Boris Johnson.

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As the partygate scandal continues, Matt Frei was joined on-air by senior Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart to share his views on the matter.

Pressure is growing on the PM as five Conservative MPs called for Boris Johnson to resign amid public uproar over partygate.

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"Do you think this man is best placed to lead your party at the next election?" Matt asked.

"Right at the moment he is, I can't see anyone else doing it."

Colonel Stewart added that "one thing about Boris Johnson is, if anyone can turn a situation around, he can and he's proved that in the past."

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Tory MP rallies behind Boris Johnson amid partygate

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The MP told listeners that he shared breakfast with constituents across the political spectrum on Saturday morning.

The consensus among the group was, according to Colonel Stewart: "If anyone could change public opinion, he could."

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Referencing a sharp drop for the Conservatives in the polls, he argued that Boris Johnson "quite possibly could change the polls back again."

"I personally think wrong was done, I don't need a report for me to be told that."

"What has happened, has happened." Colonel Bob concluded.