Matt Stadlen Will Benefit From Inhertiance Tax Cuts - But Wants Them Scrapped

4 March 2017, 12:01

Matt Stadlen is among the so-called elite who'll benefit from the inheritance tax cuts - but he's still calling on the Chancellor to scrap them.

The inheritance tax threshold is set to increase to £750,000 next month, with families in London and the South East set to be most likely to benefit.

Early morning LBC Presenter Matt Stadlen said that in the future it is likely he would benefit from the tax cuts - but he's not happy about them. 

He said: "Let me be absolutely clear. I stand, one day, I hope many many years hence, to benefit from this inheritance tax giveaway. 

"I come from a relatively privileged background, and yet I think it is wrong. Because we live in a country in 2017 where we move, week by week, from one crisis to another, in the NHS, and we're told that there isn't nearly enough funding of our social care, and that itself is having an impact on our National Health Service.  

"We live in a country where police forces are understaffed, are underfunded. We live in a country where there really are, and I hope you are listening Theresa May, people who are only just about managing. 

"You pledged to make those people a priority. You said, when you stood on the steps of Downing Street, that this would not be a country just for the privileged few. And never mind just 'the just about managing', what about the people who aren't managing at all?  

"And yet, in April, just a few weeks away, this Tory giveaway will take place. And it will, we're led to believe, benefit just 26,000 of the country's richest households.  That's 0.04 per cent of the population of England and Wales.  

"And yes, maybe I am one of those households.Yes maybe I will, one day, benefit from this sort of windfall, but I still think it's wrong. So my question to you Philip Hammond is: Do you have the guts to change course and reverse the policy of your predecessor, George Osborne, when you give your spring budget speech next week? Go on I dare you."