Matt: The Real Reason The Syrian Crisis Breaks My Heart

8 April 2017, 07:55 | Updated: 8 April 2017, 08:05

Images of the horrific poison gas attack in Syria allegedly carried out by Asaad’s regime have shocked us all, but non more so than Matt Stadlen.

He visited Damascus in 2006 and was blown away by how great the capital city was - but now, he struggles to put into words the tragedies which have unfolded there.

“Look at the tiny children whose lives have been taken by this dreadful gas,” Matt said on his LBC show.

“Those photographs tell a horrific story, has it really come to the point where we say: ‘There’s nothing we can do? Let them fight it out’.

“It’s almost as if we’re talking about dogs in a dog fight.”

The US carried out cruise missile strikes on a Syrian government airbase in response to the gas attack which claimed the lives of 80 people, including children.

The US ambassador to the UN warned America is “prepared” to carry out further military operations in Syria - but hopes it will not be necessary.

Matt is now calling on the UK to do more to help the crisis, by taking in further refugees from the war-torn country.

He continued: “Just think, 11 million people displaced in Syria over the past six years - try to understand those figures just for a second.

“We’re talking about a scale that’s unimaginable and yet you just have to listen to the cries of a 29-year-old man from northern Syria who was burying his two nine-month-old baby twins.

“He also buried his wife and 16 members of his own family… This is a very, very human disaster.”