Natasha Devon urges Brits to pull together 'for the health of the nation'

19 December 2020, 20:15

Natasha Devon's rallying cry to UK to overcome latest Covid wave

By Seán Hickey

Amid the news of Tier 4 restrictions effectively cancelling Christmas, Natasha Devon said we must band together to fight the pandemic.

Following the news that London and the South-East of England will be joined by the whole of Wales and mainland Scotland in a strict lockdown over the holiday period, Natasha Devon was taking the views of the nation.

She went on to read out text where a listener explained their ultimatum where his family have to decide which grandparent they'll spend Christmas with.

"Spending Christmas on your own would be sad in a more normal context because it would mean that you presumably have no one to spend Christmas with, that's not the case this year."

Natasha pointed out that the reason for being alone this year is a selfless act of national duty: "The reason that people spend Christmas alone is because we all have to pull together for the health of the nation."

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She pointed out that "Christmas will come again next year," and although the news is devastating, the public must band together to fight Covid-19.

She wondered if "we're devastated about Christmas specifically?" or the news is just kicking the nation's morale while it's down.

"This is the apex of a year of disappointment and perhaps people are pinning that anger on Christmas because they were pinning their hope on Christmas," she argued.

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