Farage: The Moment That Made Me An Enemy Of The EU

18 January 2017, 21:33

Nigel Farage New York

When Nigel Farage became an MEP, he was a fan of the EU. He explains the moment that turned him against it forever.

Speaking live from New York on The Nigel Farage Show, the former Ukip leader said he didn't mind the European Union when he became an MEP in 1999 - but something happened that made him an enemy of the whole project.

He said: "In 2005, the European Union had produced its own constitution. The first proper blueprint. The first genuine admission that what they were building wasn't a free trade zone, it was a state. And they put it to referendums.

"The French rejected it, the Dutch rejected it and many other people had they had the chance would have rejected it.

"And what did the EU do? Did they learn the lesson? Did they say "Oh well obviously people don't want a state with a flag, an anthem and an army." Did they row back? No, they rebranded it as the Lisbon Treaty. They forced it through without giving the French and Dutch another option. The Irish voted against it, but were forced to vote again.

"And from that moment, I have been an enemy of the entire project.

"I think it is not only undemocratic, I think actually it is dangerous. I think if you suppress people's ability through the ballot box to make their own decisions, to be in charge of their futures, you will lead directly to political extremism and violence.

"And I don't care what Mrs May says, I think let's make Brexit a success. And let's encourage... Let's get the whole of Europe to leave the European Union and let's have a better European future."