Meghan Markle quits royal life "because she's a Leo", says Nigel Farage caller

10 January 2020, 17:04

This is the eye-opening moment this caller, who has the same birthday as Meghan Markle, blamed her "impulsive" decision to step back from royal life on her star sign.

"Meghan's had enough, she's got itchy feet," said the caller Matthew.

"After a very short period of time," said Nigel.

Matthew continued: "I actually share a birthday with Meghan Markle. So we're Leos; we're very impulsive, we get bored of things quickly and want to move on to the next thing. We're a little bit childish in that respect.

"That was my fear that when Harry married Meghan, that she'd enjoy the stardom, a royal star, elevated to star status, but she's done the Duchess role now and she's ready for something new."

"Poor Harry is now faced with a decision: divorce and he can stay with the firm or leaving the family and pursuing other things, probably in the US. Maybe even he will star in a few roles himself!"

The caller lives in Madrid, which brought the monarchy back in 1975 which Nigel called "a great success."

"Matthew says she's a Leo and that's part of the problem," said Nigel, "sorry - I don't buy that but it was interesting.