Nigel Farage honours 90-year-old labelling lockdown "excruciating"

19 April 2020, 13:04

By Seán Hickey

A brave man called in to LBC in an effort to show how difficult lockdown is for the elderly, and Nigel Farage showered him in praise.

Alan was calling Nigel Farage from Broxbourne and shared his misery in being forced to stay home during the lockdown.

He told Nigel that he had lost his daughter aged 33, and his wife and son passed away in 2017. He claimed to have "done what government has required" but was finding it very difficult to remain home while being so lonely.

"I don't know what I'd do without my sister in law" he said. Alan also thanked his granddaughter for calling him to check up every day, insisting that it is one of the few things keeping his spirits up.

Alan also thanked his neighbours for making sure he was always stocked up on food and medicine and was forever grateful, but told Nigel that after hearing that he might "have to do isolation for another year", he revealed he didn't think he could face it.

He told a story of forgotten soldiers during WWII, during which he was nine years old, and claimed he felt like a forgotten soldier.

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Nigel showed compassion to Alan, thanking him for calling the show and insisting that he has done something positive today.

He told Alan that he has gotten through the war, and was speaking on national radio about a very important topic that had to be addressed to the public.

"You're doing some good" Nigel insisted, and commended Alan for calling him.

Nigel said that Alan had "just highlighted to a very big audience that there are a lot of people in your situation" and he should be proud of himself for addressing the issue.