Nigel Farage's Reaction At Today's "War Of Words" Between UK And EU

8 October 2019, 18:49

Watch Nigel Farage's reaction at today's "extraordinary war of words" between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European Union.

"Clearly it didn't go very well," said Nigel Farage about the early morning telephone call between Boris Johnson and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Shortly after the call ended a statement came out from Number 10 Downing Street saying 'If Germany wanted to leave the EU, they could do it no problem. But the UK cannot leave without leaving Northern Ireland behind in a customs union and in full alignment forever.'

"She said Ireland's the UK government's special problem and that Ireland must have a veto on Northern Ireland leaving."

Boris Johnson and German chancellor Angela Merkel met today in Berlin
Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel. Picture: PA

Nigel continued: "I mean this is astonishing stuff. The thought of a German chancellor telling a British Prime Minister that part of his territory would effectively have been annexed. Now you know all the historical connotations that is of course going to lead to."

Nigel said that in the statement Downing Street said "they are willing to torpedo the Good Friday Agreement."

"I have to say that last sentence said to me there's a fair bit of Number 10 spin in this because after all Germany, indeed the European Union, are not signatories to the Good Friday Agreement. It struck me that was a bit over the top."

"There they were getting in the first blow and then Donald Tusk sent back a Tweet directly to Boris Johnson," continued Nigel.

He then said of the above Tweet: "I agree with him on one thing because in many ways with Brexit, the future of the European project is at stake and he's right about that.

"An extraordinary war of words."