Nigel Farage has some stern words for Meghan and Harry

20 January 2020, 20:16

Nigel Farage thinks they're not going to get the "quieter" life they're after and that they broke their promises to serve.

Nigel spoke passionately on the recent news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex relinquishing their roles as senior members of the Royal family.

He said: "I'm really sorry, Harry, if you were read to serve, the two of you, when you got married... why just 20 months in have you jacked it in?"

He believes Meghan's presence in Hollywood will not give them the "quieter life" that they are after.

Nigel Farage speaks passionately about Harry and Meghan
Nigel Farage speaks passionately about Harry and Meghan. Picture: PA

Farage said: "There will be even more media interest in you than there was in this country. Unless, of course, Harry becomes a house husband on Vancouver Island."

He wished both of those in the couple good luck, in a personal capacity, but he does think "the monarchy has been damaged by this".

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