Richard Bacon Grills Seb Gorka On Donald Trump's Record And Draining The Swamp

7 July 2019, 16:02

In a fiery interview with Sebastian Gorka, Richard Bacon pressed the former Trump strategist about the President's record of lying.

Richard Bacon asked Mr Gorka straight whether the President "lies" at all, after a leaked memos from the UK ambassador in Washington describe the White House as "uniquely dysfunctional" and "inept".

Mr Gorka replied to say he did not believe the President lied "on important things", but when Richard asked what he does lie about, he declined to comment further.

"You'd have to ask him and make your own judgement, as a former politically commissioned officer to the President you're not going to get me on radio to tell you what I think he lies about," he said.

Sebastian Gorka
Sebastian Gorka. Picture: Getty

Richard then pressed the former strategist what troubled him about the Presidents' conduct, to which Mr Gorka said his biggest issue was with 'personnel policy'.

"This city is called a swamp for a reason," he said.

"It's a little bit like Brexit and the Conservatives today - both parties in America really have betrayed the American people for about 40 years.

"People get elected, they promise one thing, they come into office and do the opposite.

"It's like the disaster that is Brexit and why May had to resign."

"We needed far more people who understood the Make America Great Again platform and far less reliance upon the old swamp creatures."

Richard said: "Do you include his own daughter in that?"

Mr Gorka replied: "His daughter? A swamp creature?

"My problem is with what we call the permanent state, or the deep state here, the unaccountable bureaucrats who think they know much more than DT or any elected president."

Watch the exchange unfold above.