Stig Abell: "I Was A Wrongful Birth"

29 January 2017, 16:46 | Updated: 29 January 2017, 19:14

Stig Abell: I Was A Wrongful Birth

The NHS has paid millions in compensation to parents of disabled children who say they would have had abortions had they known of the disabilities earlier.

Stig Abell got very personal when he told his own story about being a "wrongful birth" on his LBC show this afternoon.  

His mother had a scan when she was pregnant and was told that her baby, Stig, was going to have spina bifida and that she should have an abortion.

But his mum said 'no'. Stig recounted his mother's experience: "So she was told 'the kid's going to have spina bifida and you can have an abortion'. 

"Now she didn't take that up. She decided to go ahead with, have the child, have me, because she wanted to have me...she was willing to risk looking after me as a disabled child.

"So my born name is Stephen. The reason it's Stephen, my dad's called Stephen and actually they didn't have a name for me because they weren't entirely sure I'd be born alive, or born with any form of future or viability. So I'm a 'wrongful birth'. 

"My mum was told 'he's not worth having', 'he's going to be too damaged', 'he's going to be disabled' and 'you should probably have an abortion' and she ignored it. 

"She decided to have the baby and take the risk...and so I wouldn't be here today. I wouldn't be talking to you now if she hadn't decided [to keep me]." 

The LBC Presenter added: "I start from the position that the NHS shouldn't be giving compensation because they didn't spot a disability that should have led for an abortion. And I think the idea of 'wrongful birth' is abhorrent isn't it? Because all life has possibilities, doesn't it?"