Government "Running Clock Out" To Advance Theresa May's Brexit Deal

30 December 2018, 11:25 | Updated: 30 December 2018, 11:31

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis says the government is "running the clock down" in order to pass the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement.

Speaking to Tom Watson on LBC, the former Brexit Secretary said that he thought it was "obvious" the government was using scare stories to try to "run the clock out" in order to boost support for Theresa May's deal.

"I know more about these stories than you can imagine," he said.

"We had this one say that we're going to run out of insulin. I looked it up, and it's completely rubbish.

"Some of it's built off the back of preparation for the worst possible outcome, not just the no deal, but one you might call a hostile no deal."

Tom Watson and David Davis
Tom Watson and David Davis. Picture: LBC / PA

He added: "The government is obviously trying to shake this up so we think we've got no choice but to say that the ones who want Brexit 'if you don't vote for this you won't have Brexit' and then say to the ones who don't want Brexit 'if you vote for this you'll have the worst sort of Brexit, you have a hard, crash-out, whatever-Brexit'.

"Now both those stories can't be right, so what they're doing is trying to run the clock out."