Coronavirus: Emotional call on protecting vulnerable elderly relatives touches Sadiq Khan

12 March 2020, 11:18 | Updated: 12 March 2020, 17:53

By Adrian Sherling

An emotional caller told Sadiq Khan that she fears for her vulnerable husband in the coronavirus crisis after he suffered a stroke.

Dame Sally Powell called Sadiq Khan to reveal her husband - Iain Coleman, the former MP for Hammersmith and Fulham - was recently rushed to A&E after falling ill.

And with her voice cracking with emotion, she told the Mayor of London that after he was sent home, she has received no advice or help from authorities in keeping him safe from the outbreak.

She said: "My husband has had a series of strokes. He had another stroke two weeks ago.

"I spent 10 hours in A&E and I advised the NHS not to admit him and they discharged him - they were fantastic.

"He is now bed-bound. We don't pay for our social care. We are very lucky.

"But I have heard no advice from anyone about what I should be doing to protect my husband. I can't afford to let him die because my son couldn't bear losing his father.

"I'm so happy with the Budget yesterday, but what happened to the social care? There are millions of other people out here in my position. What do we do? How do I protect my husband?

"Nobody's said anything. My GP hasn't contacted me. How do I get this advice?"

Sadiq Khan was very touched by Dame Sally's call
Sadiq Khan was very touched by Dame Sally's call. Picture: LBC

Listeners were so touched by the call.

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