'I've never been cowed by bullies' - Sadiq Khan's reaction to abuse video

18 September 2020, 11:03 | Updated: 18 September 2020, 11:09

Mayor of London's instant reaction to abuse form cabbies

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Sadiq Khan has opened up to LBC about the abuse he receives in his high profile role, his fears, and how it impacts on his and his family.

It comes after a video emerged online showing Sadiq Khan being aggressively heckled.

He was abused as he walked back towards his office in City Hall during a protest by London black-cab drivers.

James told the Mayor he watched the video of the abuse outside City Hall and while he has a "thick skin" he found the video "scary."

Mr Khan opened up to LBC and said he has "never allowed bullies to scare me, I've never been cowed by bullies since I was at school."

The Mayor was speaking to LBC about the abuse he has recieved
The Mayor was speaking to LBC about the abuse he has recieved. Picture: LBC

He said the distressing thing for him was that he did not know the incident had been recorded and his wife and daughters saw the footage and were upset.

During the clip, Mr Khan can be seen walking away as he is followed by a group shouting abuse at him, swearing and calling him a “hypocrite” and “the destroyer of London”.

When James asked Mr Khan how often he receives that kind of behaviour, the answer was that "it's not uncommon."

The Mayor was abused as he left his office
The Mayor was abused as he left his office. Picture: LBC

Revealing one incident where he attended a speech and protesters brought along a guillotine "to infer they wanted my head cut off."

Again the Mayor opened up saying these incidents upset his family and loved ones in "ways I can't describe."

On the subject of his police protection, Mr Khan said the only reason he accepts police bodyguards is because of the threat posed to his family and staff.

The video comes as Mr Khan faces criticism over the introduction of new cycle lanes and wider pavements to encourage people to travel by bike or on foot.

The Mayor was speaking to James O'Brien during his regular Speak to Sadiq show, which gives LBC listeners the chance to question the Mayor of London.