Sadiq Khan Reveals "Middle Class" Cocaine Use Is Contributing To London's Gang Violence

27 July 2018, 16:24

The Mayor of London told James O'Brien there was "a definite link" between the consumption of the Class A drug by the "middle classes," and the rise in criminal gang violence.

Alastair rang in to ask London's Mayor what he planned to do about the rise in gang violence fuelled by cocaine use.

Mr Khan told LBC that cocaine use by the "middle-classes" is partly behind drug-related gang violence in the capital. 

The mayor's comments came after Justice Secretary, David Gauke said in May that middle-class people who take cocaine should feel guilty. 

Mr Khan said: "There is a definite link between drugs and criminal gangs. There are some Londoners who think it's a victimless crime taking cocaine at "middle class" parties."

When James O'Brien pressed the Mayor on how he was actually going to tackle the problem, Mr Khan replied: "By educating those drug users who think it's a victimless crime."

He added: "Some of the young people being knifed in our streets in London, some of the young people losing their lives are because they are involved in criminal gangs who are lower down the food chain in relation to drugs."