Sadiq Khan 'not in favour' of vaccine passports for TfL services

22 July 2021, 10:22

No vaccine passports for TfL

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has told LBC he's 'not in favour of having vaccine passports' for TfL branding it a 'bureaucratic nightmare.'

Speaking on his regular monthly Speak to Sadiq show, Mr Khan said he did not support the move.

After an LBC listener asked if Londoners would be required to prove they were either Covid negative or had a jab, the Mayor set out his views.

"I'm not in favour of having vaccine passports for TfL," branding it a "bureaucratic nightmare," Mr Khan said the move would lead to huge queues for public transport.

James asked if it was logistics that halted the move and the Mayor agreed.

Mr Khan also said there were concerns around fraud and those who were exempt.

He also told James he would not want to deprive someone of service if a person were waiting for their second jab.

Labour says it opposes the use of Covid passports for "everyday access to venues and services".

A party spokesperson said the idea is "costly, open to fraud and impractical", and that being double-jabbed "doesn’t prove you aren’t carrying the virus".

They say testing in return for access would be "more efficient" and give people and businesses reassurance.