Sadiq Khan Hints That TfL Could Do A Deal With Uber

5 October 2017, 09:06 | Updated: 5 October 2017, 11:01

The Mayor of London has revealed that TfL talks with Uber were constructive after being satisfied for their apology to London.

Transport for London refused to renew Uber's licence last month, claiming the company was not "fit and proper" to run private hire vehicles.

But the cab firm's Global CEO made a humble apology over their practices and Sadiq Khan admitted that led to constructive talks taking place.

And he admitted a deal could be done with Uber without the need for a court case.

Sadiq Khan said discussions with Uber were "constructive"
Sadiq Khan said discussions with Uber were "constructive". Picture: PA

Speaking to James O'Brien, he said: "What gives me confidence about the TfL decision is the fact that the Global chief executive officer for Uber apologised to London and he met some of the drivers when he came to London.

"The thing that bodes well with regards to the humility, which hasn't been shown by Uber London or Uber UK. And his apology demonstrates what many of use know, which is that we've got a very important job to do as a regulator.

"I asked the TfL Commissioner to make time to meet the Global CEO. And I think his apology was important. The tone of his apology was important. And I think it is important for the apology makers to meet with him to hear him out.

"And I understand it was a constructive meeting. The Global CEO has gone away to do some further week.

"I always think that the way to response differences is constructively, amicably around the table, rather than through litigation."

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