'This is not a good time for antisemitism’: Dame Margaret Hodge worried by antisemitism across the UK after Hamas attack

'This is not a good time for anti-Semitism’: Dame Margaret Hodge worried by Jewish discrimination after Hamas attack

Bernard Cowan was confirmed to have died by his family

Glasgow man becomes second Brit confirmed dead in Israel in Hamas attacks, as family mourns

Hamas has taken over 100 hostages after attacking Israel

'Don't kill me': Hostage's desperate plea to Hamas kidnappers as more than 100 held captive

Rishi Sunak is looking to ramp up police patrols.

Sunak considers ‘ramping up' police patrols to protect Jewish communities after 'displays of Hamas support'

Shelagh and Alicia Kearns

Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee expresses concern over Israeli 'siege of Gaza'

Hamas has said it isn't frightened of the US moving in its aircraft carrier

Hamas says it's 'not frightened' by the US moving aircraft carrier to Israel, as conflict deepens

Sadiq Khan and James O'Brien

Sadiq Khan declares there is 'no place for anti-Semitism' in London as kosher restaurant in Golders Green attacked

Nathanel Young was killed and Jake Marlowe is missing. (Inset) Danny Darlington and his German girlfriend have not been heard from

More than ten Brits feared dead or missing in Israel as rocket attacks continue

Hamas launched an attack on Israel on Saturday.

What is Hamas and why is it in conflict with Israel? Key questions about the Israel-Gaza conflict

Israel has stepped up attacks on Hamas targets (top right and bottom right). Main image shows a child being rescued after a rocket strike in Israel

Siege of Gaza: Israel stops food, fuel and electricity entering disputed territory after Hamas attacks

Nick and Professor

'Wiping out Gaza will not result in peace': Leader of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign airs concerns for the future of the Israel-Palestine conflict

Danny Darlington and his German girlfriend have not been heard from since the attack

Missing Brit and partner pictured having fun just before brutal Hamas attack - as family told they are dead

A Jewish restaurant in Golders Green was vandalised and Palestinians celebrated on the streets of London

Kosher restaurant in Golders Green vandalised as Met police step up patrols in London

Terrified revellers hiding and sending messages to loved ones as Hamas gunmen attack Israeli festivalgoers

Final messages to loved ones: Chilling video shows terrified Israelis hiding while Hamas gunmen stalked festival

The United States has sent an aircraft carrier, planes and warships to the Middle East to support Israel

More than 1,100 dead as Iran denies helping plan Hamas attack and US sends warships and planes to Israel

Israel has stepped up attacks on Hamas targets. Bottom right - bodies piled up after Hamas massacred revellers at a peace festival

'This is our 9/11': Israel strikes back at Hamas after 'worst massacre of innocent civilians' in its history

More than 260 bodies have been found at the site of Saturday's massacre at an Israeli peace rave near the Gaza strip

Bodies of 260 killed in Israel festival massacre piled up after Hamas went 'tree by tree' executing victims

Nathanel Young was killed in Hamas attacks.

British man, 20, serving in Israeli army killed in Hamas attack as family pay tribute