Up to 40 babies have been massacred by Hamas, Israel has said

Slaughter of the innocents: Israel vows to 'wipe out' Hamas after '40 babies and children massacred' in Kfar Aza

Suella Braverman has warned waving a Palestinian flag 'may not be legitimate'

Braverman says waving Palestinian flag 'may not be legitimate' as she urges cops to crack down on Hamas support in UK

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel

Joe Biden labels Hamas attacks 'act of sheer evil' as he pledges support for Israel

Israeli ambassador speaks of Hamas 'war crimes', telling Iain Dale 'Western civilisation should realise this is a clear cut case'

'This is clear cut': Israeli ambassador to UK labels Hamas 'barbaric terrorists' as she accuses group of war crimes

A four-year-old girl is among the 830 to have been killed in Gaza

'They tried to escape death only to find it': Four-year-old girl killed in Gaza by Israeli bombing in response to Hamas attack

Missing tattoo artist Shani Louk was paraded on Hamas truck following Nova festival massacre is alive, mother claims

Missing tattoo artist paraded on Hamas truck following Nova festival massacre is alive, mother claims

Ashkelon has come under bombardment

Hamas fires rockets on Israel city of Ashkelon after warning residents to leave or die

A Jewish restaurant in Golders Green was vandalised and Palestinians celebrated on the streets of London

Kosher restaurant in Golders Green was burgled, with incident not linked to anti-semitism, owners say

Humza Yousaf's parents, Elizabeth and Maged El-Nakla are trapped in Gaza.

'The house was shaking, the children were screaming' - Humza Yousaf tells of his family's terror in Gaza

Hamas 'murdered 40 babies and children' during massacre in Kfar Aza, Israel claims

Hamas 'murdered 40 babies and children' during massacre in Kfar Aza, Israel claims

The Supernova festival site

Chilling photos show aftermath of Supernova music festival in Israel in aftermath of Hamas attack that killed 260

Noa Beer managed to get four people to safety by driving through a roadblock as Hamas gunmen fired ah her

British woman saved four from Hamas gunfire by 'ramming her car through roadblock' in escape from Supernova massacre

Hundreds were killed during the attack

How the Hamas attack at the Supernova festival in Israel unfolded

The gates of the Jewish Free School (L) and the vandalised kosher restaurant in Golders Green

Pupils at London Jewish school told they don't need to wear logo and detentions cancelled amid hate crime fears

Palestinians walk through rubble in Gaza City. Right, Israeli forces patrol areas along the Israeli-Gaza border

1,500 bodies of Hamas gunmen found as Israel says border is secured - with 'up to 150' hostages still in Gaza

Family have said the British photographer and his friend were killed in Israel

'My heart is broken, my baby brother is gone': Sister's tribute after British photographer killed in Israel by Hamas

James Cleverly said: "We stand with you, we will protect you."

We will protect you: Foreign Secretary’s message to Britain’s Jewish people as protests erupt over Israel-Hamas conflict

The parents were able to save their twins.

Heroic Israeli couple saved their 10-month-old twins by hiding them as they died fighting off Hamas gunmen