Israel has deployed soldiers to its north

Israel urges people in its north to find shelter after mistaken 'hostile aircraft' alert

King Charles "appalled" by "barbaric acts of terrorism" in Israel following Hamas attacks

King Charles "appalled" by "barbaric acts of terrorism" in Israel following Hamas attacks

Jake Marlowe

Devastated family confirms British man Jake Marlowe has died in Israel after Hamas massacre

Cleverly was forced to run for cover amid fears of a Hamas rocket attack

Foreign secretary James Cleverly forced to run for cover after Hamas rocket alarms set off in Israel

A BA flight has turned around

British Airways suspends all flights to Tel Aviv after flight turns back amid Hamas airstrikes

Lush has come under fire for the sign

Lush hit with backlash after displaying anti-Israel sign in shop window after Hamas attacks

'Boycot Israel' sparks backlash after pro-Palestine sign appears in Dublin store window

'Boycott Israel' sign sparks backlash after appearing in Lush store window display

Tal Hartuv speaks to LBC

'It brings the trauma back': British-Israeli recounts the killing of her friend Kristine Luken as rockets land near home

Israeli troops are preparing to invade Gaza

Gaza will become a 'tent city': Israel masses 300,000 troops for invasion as it issues chilling warning to Hamas

Moriah Mencer has flown to Israel

British-Israeli female soldier heads to Israel to fight after 'friends murdered and missing' in Hamas attack

Israeli soldiers carry the body of a person killed in the Hamas attack in kibbutz Kfar Azza on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023.

'Toddlers, babies with their heads cut off': Israeli PM's spokesperson describes scene in border village after Hamas attack

Mor Bayder and her grandmother

'Nightmare of my life': Israeli grandmother’s murder posted on her own Facebook page by Hamas

Nathanel Young (l), Danny Darlington (r) and Brian cown (inset)

Children among 17 Britons dead or missing in Israel following Hamas attacks

The Defence Secretary hit out at the BBC

Time for the BBC to get the 'moral compass out' and call Hamas terrorists, Grant Shapps tells LBC

Sir Keir Starmer said Israel has the right 'to do everything that it can' in the current conflict

Israel 'has the right' to withhold power and water from Gaza, says Sir Keir Starmer

The Defence Secretary was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari

'Hamas aren't freedom fighters they're terrorists like ISIS' Defence Secretary tells LBC after 'barbaric' attacks

Inbar Lieberman led a group of residents to kill more than two dozen advancing terrorists

Israeli woman Inbar Lieberman, 25, hailed a hero for leading defence of Nir Am kibbutz against advancing Hamas

A man scaled the building to swap the flags

Protester scales Sheffield town hall and tears down Israeli flag before hoisting Palestine flag in its place