Rachel Johnson says Tories got more votes than Labour in this week's by-elections combined

26 June 2022, 20:04

By James Bickerton

Rachel Johnson has pointed out the Conservatives got more votes than Labour in this week's two by-elections combined.

The Tories suffered two dramatic losses, with Labour taking Wakefield and the Liberal Democrats Tiverton and Honiton.

Speaking on her LBC show Rachel said: "I want to talk about tactical voting - it's back.

"There is lots of evidence this is what lost the Tories two by-elections this week.

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"If you add up the number of votes actually won in both those by-elections Labour got 14,728 but [the] Tories still out punched them quite considerably. They got 24,634."

The double by-election defeat has reopened questions about Boris Johnson's leadership of the Conservative Party, just weeks after he won a vote of confidence from his MPs.

It also shows how effective anti-Tory tactical voting could be at the next general election.

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