James O'Brien: Right-wing media 'don't give fig' about angering people with 'anti-refugee verbal violence'

3 November 2022, 12:02 | Updated: 3 November 2022, 13:17

James O'Brien destroys myth peddlers telling you to get cross about asylum seekers and immigrants

Madeleine Wilson

By Madeleine Wilson

"These are the kinds of things that happen in banana republics", says James O'Brien as he destroys "myth peddlers" telling you to get cross about asylum seekers and immigrants.

It comes as the government is likely to face a judicial review over the conditions in which migrants are living in the Manston processing centre, with reports of overcrowding and disease outbreaks, a minister has admitted.

Some 2,600 migrants have been kept for more than four weeks in the centres - only designed to house 1,600 for 24 hours.

The processing centres have now suffered a breakout of the bacterial disease diphtheria, as well as the skin condition scabies.

There have also been claims that Suella Braverman ignored legal warnings that the Home Office was breaking the law by keeping asylum seekers in overcrowded, disease-ridden processing centres for too long, according to reports.

James O'Brien told listeners he was shocked at the "speed of vindication" when it comes to the current UK migrant crisis.

He continued to say: "One of the ugliest things about this whole saga is the conflation of asylum-seeking and immigration."

Home Secretary under mounting pressure over security lapses and asylum problems

The number of people crossing the Channel this way has skyrocketed in recent years, with more than 38,000 this year alone.

James said: "Everything is in such a state at the moment we're probably going to be looking at austerity on the horizon.

"Huge sways of the country are running on fumes.

"People can't afford their energy bills, they're choosing between heating and eating.

The recently reinstated home secretary was told at least three weeks ago that migrants were being kept in overcrowded centres in Manston, in Kent, for unlawful lengths of time, the Sunday Times reported, citing five sources.

He later added: "No one can tell the truth, it's a mad period in UK history.

"No one can tell the truth.

"No one in power!"